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Andy Fletcher's newest Railway Post Office railroad postcard advocates for Amtrak to reinstate the Amtrak 15% Veterans Advantage Discount. If you would like to sign Andy Fletcher's petition requesting Amtrak to reinstate the 15% discount for Veterans Advantage members  click the the postcard or petition image below. 

Andy thanks you for your support.


The RPO Mailbag sends out railroad postcards.

Railroad Postcards 


Hundreds of railroad postcards to choose from or have one custom designed for your railroad, museum or tourist railroad or railroad group's fundraiser or awareness program.

Postcards of the railroad trains that served St. Louis Union Station in the Streamliner era. These postcards are similar to the Andy Fletcher's artwork that appears in the St.Louis Union Station Hotel rooms. His posters of these trains are available on his eBay and there are links to the posters on his website.

Railroad Postcards


Railroad Postcards

My website: has a free PDF of “California Zephyr”, my new autobiographical/fiction novella. It includes photos from my trips on the Amtrak California Zephyr. Click my drawing of the train to read the novella or the photo to see photos about the train. The Railway Post Office railroad postcard of the California Zephyr shares the book with fellow Amtrak fans and travelers. If you would like a more permanent PDF for your files email:

Andy gives out his railroad postcards and locomotive bookmarks to fellow travelers on Amtrak. If you see him on a train feel free to ask for a free postcard or bookmark. 

Andy Gives Railway Post Office Postcards to Amtrak crew and passengers to say, "Thank You," every time he travels aboard Amtrak.

Andy draws both freight and passenger locomotives to give to passengers and crew while aboard Amtrak to share the history of Amtrak and to help demonstrate how North America's railroads work together for Amtrak to function

This petition is written to Amtrak in order to reinstate the 15% Veterans Advantage  Discount.  For veterans and/or their families on fixed income, this 15% discount helps make travel aboard Amtrak possible in order to visit family and see America. 

Many communities across America depend upon Amtrak as an essential form of transportation to connect people and places across our nation.  Our railroads have always had a longstanding tradition in honoring the role of veterans throughout railroad industry.  

Visit Andy Fletcher's website to see his collection of railroad drawings as matted prints, posters and magnets.

Railroad Postcards


Railroad Postcards 


All of his life, Andy Fletcher has written letters & post cards to railroads, railroaders and community leaders to promote railroads, rail safety, railroad preservation and the railroad hobby.  Andy Fletcher's Railway Post Office railroad postcards promote railroading, railroad preservation, railroad history and railroad related causes for freight and passenger railroads.  

Railway Post Office  Postcards Aboard Amtrak